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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
developing good study habits

i mentioned on the previous post that i attended a parent conference offered in 'the big school' about helping your child develop good study habits. when i received that circular that there will be a talk about this, i was impressed. it was nice that the school offered talks and seminars to parents for free. my alma mater didn't have something like this, not that i'm aware of for that matter. and i can't recall my parents attending any kind of talk, not even a parent-teacher conference in my school growing up. and so i got excited that such talk was being offered so i signed up.

i admit that the week before, i slightly regretted signing up for the seminar. it was scheduled at 9am on a saturday. my stay-in-bed-late day. but the husband convinced me and so i dragged myself out of bed and drove to the school.

teacher hannah, the first speaker, is a grade 5-6 guidance councilor. she talked about what schools expect from these students. she said that grade 1 kids are expected to have a stronger task focus and to respond to authority ~ things that penoy needs improvement on. boo.

 photo images2_zps28431cad.jpg
photo credits

the next speaker is the grade 1 guidance councilor, teacher revy. she talked about the 5 work values that kids should learn at an early age:

1) diligence - this includes patience, optimism towards work, self-control, accountability, and perseverance.
2) order in work - kids need to develop a system when working/studying. they need to know the plan, the direction they were going to take, be aware of the schedule and priorities and be able to manage these.
3) responsibility - includes accountability, independence, and age-appropriate decision making skills.
4) cooperation in work - kids should know how to work with others ~ teamwork and camaraderie
5) cheerfulness in work - kids should generate happiness with whatever they do. they shouldn't see work as a burden.

the main speaker, mrs goitia, the h.s. guidance councilor, talked about how parents could help their child develop good study habits. this topic appealed to me because, i, myself never had any study habits, let alone "good" study habits. when i was still in school, i would study lessons at home whenever i pleased. sometimes, i wouldn't even study for an exam. all i remember studying for was the quarterly and final exams. i passed all those exams, yes, but i know that it's just not the proper way.

and so here are the ways on how to help our children develop good study/work habits:

1) expect our children to study - this sets their behavior. without any expectations, our children would not know what to do. they would do whatever they please. chaos. enough said. oh, and our expectations on our child should be realistic and guided.
key point: reward efforts more than results ~ i agree!

 photo download1_zpsd4e86406.jpg

2) facilitate study at home - our kids do not know how to study so we should guide them. set time to study and it should be consistent. parents should also prepare the physical environment for studying.
key point: consistency!

 photo images4_zpsa074e35e.jpg

3) guide children in their studies - teach your children how to understand the lessons and not just memorize.
- have them recall or list at least 3 take away things from each subject of the day.
- work on difficult lessons first. kids would have more energy at the beginning of study time.
- sequence subjects that are totally different from each other to avoid confusion.
- take a 5-minute break every after 15 mins.
- do practice exercises
- talk about how to take a test, importance of instructions, and time essence.
- reinforce strong points in lessons. encourage to highlight important notes.
key point: help move lessons from the short term memory bank to the long term memory bank by reviewing everyday. - i like this because it deters cramming.

 photo download3_zpsc6621347.jpg

4) encourage children in their work - know your kids' abilities and believe in their capabilities. encourage them.

 photo download4_zps7c793f30.jpg
photo credits

so that's it. those are the things i learned from the parent seminar. some things, i already know (but were never applied), while others are new to me. good learnings. hopefully, applying all of these would make our kids not only excel in their studies but go through school without too much difficulty.

Sunday, September 28, 2014
the neverending thirst for knowledge

they say, learning doesn't end when school does. i believe that it's a necessity to keep on learning new things and developing new skills. if not, living would be boring ~ senseless ~ bleh.

lucky for us, there is the internet and youtube tutorial videos to help us learn stuff we're interested in. in high school, i learned how to apply makeup by myself through magazines. i attended my graduation ball with makeup i did on myself. and it looked better than the prom makeup i got from a well-known salon! now, there are hundreds of makeup tutorials available online, and they're free! there are also many makeup seminars now. i was able to attend one last year when a friend hosted one. it was a delightful seminar filled with lovely women interested in honing their makeup skills.

 photo learn-more-300x228_zps5cc691c9.jpeg
photo credits

i've attended various other workshops and seminars ~ from acting to screenprinting to work-related ones such as the six sigma and other certification workshops. i would love to attend more trainings and classes however these usually require fees ~ something that i can't easily afford at this time.

i am fortunate to have several seminar/training schedules for october. there's this quality control training for work (oh yeah! i'm back in quality!). then there's this follow up seminar for parents in 'the big school'. i'm beginning to really like 'the big school' as it apparently has free seminars for parents on how to help their children do better in school and develop good habits. in fact, i attended the 1st seminar last saturday ~ but that's for another post. and then there's this seminar that's got me pretty excited. i got to be invited to a calligraphy workshop ~ for free! a friend who's working in singapore signed up for a workshop when she was scheduled to come over to manila, however, due to unforeseen events, she won't be able to make it and gave me her slot. she remembered that i once expressed interest in calligraphy on fb. so yay!

 photo medium_Calligraphy_zps7ec289a2.jpg
photo credits

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
chore chart diy

after months of planning and procrastinating, i finally was able to finish the kids' chore chart! whoopee! here it is!

 photo SAM_0256_zpse0450c26.jpg

 photo SAM_0257_zpsd69ae68b.jpg

so what it does is, it motivates kids to do their chores (or so i think). it's also a fun way to remind them of what needs to be done on a daily basis.

all i do is to update it every morning and remind them to check their chore charts upon waking up. so far so good. they are doing their chores. yay!

here's what i did:
1) i bought small whiteboards (the magnetic ones) and divided them into 2 parts: 'things to do' and 'done'.
2) i created "buttons" of their chores ~ clear the table, brush teeth, dress up, etc using photoshop or whatever program you want. i googled the cliparts. make sure the pictures are easy to understand, especially by the age of your kid/s.
3) print on a board paper and cut the "buttons".
4) i initially wanted to buy round magnets found in craft stores but i remember having leftover magnetic sheets we used for our diy wedding save-the-dates. and that's what i used. i cut up squares out of it then stuck them at the back of the "buttons".
5) I hung the chore charts on the kids' bedroom wall.

voila! you have your chore charts!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
household chores for kids

since the kids are getting older, i guess it's about time that i amp up their responsibilities in the house. they're accumulating more toys, clothes, school stuff and what-not, i can't keep up with it all. so, i thought of creating a chore chart so they'd know what their responsibilities are everyday (but that's for another blog post). and below is a list of age-appropriate chores moms like me could use.

 photo kidschores_zps6ee1a0fd.jpg

Thursday, August 07, 2014
it's august already?

fast forward to today.

  • the penoy is in grade 1 ~ big school. and rides a school bus!
  • i'm still working for BT with a schedule of (supposedly) 3am.
  • the bitoy, on the other hand, is in senior nursery. super kulit and bibo.
  • we got a new dog. 2 months old. a girl, we named her mocha.
  • stopped my 4-minute workout when school started and started gaining weight. #balikalindogprogram fail. boo.
  • not actively selling online anymore. but i have plans of starting all over again. *sigh*
  • the husband is still cutting bottles and have completed a set of order from a badass diving resort in batangas.
  • a colleague / friend of mine passed away. drove all the way to quezon for the wake.
  • saw a nightmare. overcame a fear. conquered the devil.
  • got my hair some highlights. gawd, haven't done that in years!!! loving it right now.
  • been a little busy experimenting in the kitchen. i've been making blueberry cheesecake and now trying out banoffee pie. it's in the ref, chilling, as i type.
  • the bitoy had an under the sea-themed birthday so we went to ocean adventure in subic to celebrate. no party this year, just a small celebration with family.
  • the penoy had a chinese-themed birthday. instead of a party, we celebrated with a staycation at la breza hotel in qc.
  • completed the kids' chore chart and installed a 'command center' in the office.
  • busy busy busy days. yes, that's my excuse for being away for a looooong time.
  • Friday, April 25, 2014
    penoy's kiddie crew summer workshop

    it's summer. the kids are home the whole day. they either watch tv or play with the tablet/on the pc all day. they're bored. what do you do? enroll them in summer school, of course!

    the penoy just ended her mcdonald's kiddie crew summer workshop today and i think she had fun (kinda bitin for me though). it's first summer school and i didn't want her to be "trapped" and spend the entire summer in a class or a workshop so i chose this 2-hour summer workshop which lasted for 5 days only.

    basically, i just wanted her out of the house. haha! but seriously though, i merely didn't want her to waste the summer away by watching tv all day. i also wanted her to make friends and develop self-confidence. the workshop couldn't really do that for 5 days only but it was a start. i also wanted her to experience how it is to join a summer school of some sort ~ something outside of school. she did learn stuff like how a fast food store operates or how to be courteous and friendly. also, she learned how to serve customers. i actually told her that when she's bigger, she should get summer jobs. i did for a couple of years during H.S. and it was a learning experience.

    anyways, so now that the kiddie crew workshop's done, i need to enroll them in something else on may. something that ran for 2 weeks naman siguro. i realized that 5 days is not enough for them to really make friends and learn a lot.

    any suggestions?

    Thursday, March 20, 2014
    MommyPaloozaPH ~ my new baby

    as i mentioned before, i opened my IG shop recently. my concept is simple really. ever since i became a mom, i realized how difficult it is to be one, so many insecurities, so many inconveniences, you think about a lot of things and sometimes you forget about yourself. since i became a mom, i wanted to help mothers, especially new moms out there and make mommy-life a little bit easier. when i became a mom, i forgot about looking good. i dressed in a shirt and jeans. i didn't wear any makeup, no accessories, nothing. all i though about was taking care of the kids. and then the house. and everything else. everything, except myself.

    @MommyPaloozaPH in IG offers clothes (just a handful though) and accessories that could make moms prettier and complete their everyday get-up. i also offer something that (i think) is not available in the country ~ all-natural teething necklaces. these are made of wooden beads and cotton fabric that would help babies with their teething/nursing woes while keeping mommies pretty and fashionable.

    i also offer matching mom-and-daughter bracelets.

    most of the accessories i offer are handmade by yours truly.

    i'm so happy to be doing 3 things that i love all in one project:

    1) accessories
    2) crafts / diy (i'm a professional jeweler, btw. i studied at the gemological institute of america (GIA) in california)
    3) inspiring / helping other moms out there who are having a little difficulty being a mom

    so if you have an instagram account, follow my shop ~ @MommyPaloozaPH. see you!

    Friday, February 28, 2014
    the shop is now open

    so what's keeping me busy nowadays? it's my new shop. my IG shop.

    yep! after hours of scanning through (and shopping, ssshhhh!) IG shops, i finally opened one of my own. i decided to turn two things that i love ~ accessories and crafts ~ into profit.

    i opened shop 3 weeks ago. i admit, it's so hard to gain followers! but i'm still hopeful as i expand my products.

    i would loooove to tell you about the shop but this is all the time i have for now. i just wanted to let the blogworld know that i'm still alive.... just busy crafting and surfing and cooking up ideas and designs in my head.

    wish me luck.

    Tuesday, February 11, 2014
    home exhibit

    it's been several weeks since i completed my photo frame project. but i never had the chance to hang them because i need a professional job. i could probably do it myself because i know how to drill and i know a trick to make sure the frames were all lined up but i didn't trust myself to do a perfect job. so i had to contact our handyman.

    we've had this handyman for years now. he fixed our apartment when we moved out of my in-laws' house, he made repairs on our very first house and he supervised the major repairs on our current home. he is so good with his job that everyone wanted to get him for construction and repairs. he even works on sundays, he is in demand like that! anyway, so when it was our turn, the first thing that i asked him to do was the photo wall. so here it is.
    it was perfect! my handyman did a good job, don't you think? i love my photowall.

    Sunday, February 09, 2014
    veggie and fruit storage wars

    doing the grocery for a small family such as ours (2 adults and 2 preschoolers) is an exact science. ok, it's not. but there's some math, science thing going on whenever we do the grocery ~ especially for perishables. we always end up buying too much onions, tomatoes, calamansi, etc and they end up rotten. boo.

    we do our grocery shopping at the landmark, however, sometimes they don't sell tingi-tingi for some veggies and fruits. so i started my quest (quest talaga) to prolong the freshness of these kitchen staples so we can get to enjoy what we spent for.

     photo IMG_20140209_130944_zps1a3aaf15.jpg

    i found tips from pinterest (where else?!), experimented, tweaked them a little and discovered the best way (at least for us) to store and retain the freshness and usability of some of these items.

    store onions in a brown paperbag punched with holes. seal the paperbag with a paperclip. onions need the a dry and dark storage but at the same time, air should be able to circulate around it. you can store the paperbag on a countertop not in the fridge.

    garlic can be stored the same way as onions - in a brown paper bag with holes. our onions and garlic last about a month in them.

     photo IMG_20140209_155325_zps57ba014c.jpg

    make sure tomatoes are dry. then simply line them up in a shallow basket (i use plastic storage) and leave them on the countertop. do not put them in the fridge as it'll spoil faster. i think our tomatoes last about 3 weeks or so with this way of storage. 3 weeks!

    calamansi should be kept in the crisper/veggie drawer in your fridge. however, it should be free from moist. what i did was, and this worked like a charm, i'm amazed ~ store the calamansi in a plastic seal-able sandwich bag with paper napkins. make sure the calamansi are dry. make a lining of paper napkins in a plastic sandwich bag. dump all the calamansi, take all the air out and seal. our calamansi lasted 3 weeks or so with this way of storing them.

     photo IMG_20140209_131614_zps33c7ea51.jpg

     photo IMG_20140209_132227_zps603c2e84.jpg

     photo IMG_20140209_132334_zps10985e5d.jpg

    as for ginger, i tried several ways of storing them according to pinterest, like freezing it or putting it in a plastic sandwich bag, but it never seems to last for long. there must be some way to store ginger to last several weeks, i just couldn't find it. grrrr.

    at least, we could store onions, garlic, tomatoes and calamansi for a long long time. try it!

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